Unfortunately, cancer has most likely affected someone in all of our lives. We’ve seen them struggle with the emotionally difficult challenge of hair loss and self-image during chemo treatments and that’s why Headlines The Salon has decided to partner with HairToStay, to help cooler heads prevail!

~Gayle Fulbright


Here at Headlines we are committed to bringing awareness to this beautiful cause. Each donation,  no matter the amount, helps transform the cancer journey for a patient going through chemotherapy treatments.




  • Even though it has been used successfully in Europe and other countries for decades, scalp cooling to reduce chemotherapy-induced hair loss is a relatively new option, in the United States.


  • Manual cold caps have been in very limited use in the US for the past ten years, however, it wasn’t until December 8, 2015 that a scalp cooling device was actually granted Clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


  • Cooling the scalp during chemotherapy is thought to prevent hair loss by affecting two cellular processes: (1) Blood flow to hair follicle cells is reduced, therefore exposing them to less chemotherapy medications, and (2) the rate of cellular metabolism is slowed, thereby reducing the effect of whatever chemo medication is present.


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