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Each month, we will be providing 1 woman battling cancer with a complimentary ambush-style makeover. We have gone through an extensive training with Hello Gorgeous! on how to care for women with a compromised immune system, as they go through their cancer treatment and receive salon services.


We are looking forward to our next makeover and we will update you with pictures of the women in our community that we serve.


What is Hello Gorgeous!?

Hello Gorgeous! is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provides complimentary, professional makeovers and cosmetic education to all women battling all cancers. We create an experience for these women beginning with a nomination by family and friends that if chosen, includes surprising her with flowers, chocolates and a big "Hello Gorgeous!" learn more


Experience the Difference

Our 1st surprise makeover. Beth, who was ending her treatment of breast cancer was so surprised. She couldn't believe that someone would do this for her. After spending the afternoon with loving services from a relaxing facial to a scalp massage to face brightening makeup, she felt "So gorgeous, like a princess for a day!"

Get Involved

If you know a woman battling cancer a surprise makeover by us might just be what she needs to help her feel like the gorgeous woman she is! The button below will take you to the nomination form at We look forward to restoring the beauty in the women of our community as they battle cancer.

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